Matt’s Mood

Matt’s Mood is a tribute to the music of the fabulous 80’s band Matt Bianco and the Polish singer Basia Trzetrzelewska. Hits like “Whose Side Are You On?”, “Half a Minute” and “Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed” have been arranged in a fresh acoustic approach, staying true to the innovative Matt Bianco sound which smoothly blends music styles including jazz, pop, bossa nova, and salsa. The band consists of top-class musicians that have played with top names of Dutch and international pop, jazz, latin, world music, and music theatre, such as The Metropole Orchestra, Lucas van Merwijk, Brian Lynch, Nelson Gonzales, Alfredo “Chocolate” Armenteros, Andy Gonzalez, Izaline Calister, and Gerardo Rosales.

Katja Maria & Jaakko Toivonen, vocals; Marc Bischoff, piano & keyboards; Yerman Aponte, bass; Dan Müller, drums; Gerrit-Jan Binkhorst, saxophones and flute; Yumarya Grijt & Isa Bornau, backing vocals.


©Isis Torensma

©Isis Torensma